ninja blast portable blender

Ninja Blast Portable Blender: How Does It Perform on the Go?


Portable blenders have become increasingly popular for their convenience and versatility, enabling users to make smoothies, shakes, and other blended drinks anywhere. The Ninja Blast Portable Blender is one such device that promises functionality and portability. In this comprehensive review, we explore the performance, features, pros, and cons of the Ninja Blast Portable Blender, along with user feedback and comparisons to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.

ninja blast portable blender

Ninja Blast Portable Blender Reviews:

How Does It Perform on the Go?

Design and Build Quality:

How Sturdy and User-Friendly Is the Ninja Blast Portable Blender?

The design and build quality of a portable blender significantly influence its usability and longevity.

Modern Aesthetics:

Sleek and Compact:

Stylish Appearance: The Ninja Blast Portable Blender features a sleek, modern design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport, fitting comfortably into bags or car cup holders.

User-Friendly Design: The blender’s ergonomic design ensures easy handling, and the intuitive one-touch operation makes it simple to use even for beginners. Its minimalist interface contributes to a straightforward and hassle-free user experience.

ninja blast portable blender

Durable Construction:

Robust Build:

Quality Materials: Constructed from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, the Ninja Blast Portable Blender is designed for durability. The materials used are tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring that the blender can handle regular use without breaking down.

Strong Blades: The stainless steel blades are sturdy and efficient, able to crush ice and blend ingredients smoothly. The robust construction of the blades ensures longevity and consistent performance.

Performance and Functionality:

Can the Ninja Blast Portable Blender Handle Various Ingredients?

Performance is a crucial aspect when assessing a portable blender. The Ninja Blast’s ability to handle different ingredients determines its versatility.

Blending Power:

Efficient Motor:

Smooth Blending: Despite its compact size, the Ninja Blast Portable Blender is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures smooth blending. It can handle a variety of ingredients, from soft fruits to tougher vegetables and even ice cubes.

Versatile Use: Users have reported that the blender performs well with different types of smoothies, protein shakes, and even frozen cocktails. The blending power is sufficient for making soups and purees, showcasing its versatility.

Battery Life:

Portable Power:

Extended Usage: One of the key features of the Ninja Blast Portable Blender is its rechargeable battery. The battery life is impressive, with users noting that it can handle multiple blending cycles on a single charge, making it ideal for use on the go.

Convenient Charging: The blender comes with a USB charging cable, allowing for convenient recharging via a power bank, laptop, or car charger. This feature ensures that the blender is always ready when you need it.

ninja blast portable blender

Ease of Cleaning:

How Easy Is It to Maintain the Ninja Blast Portable Blender?

Ease of cleaning is an essential factor, particularly for portable blenders used frequently.

Simple Disassembly:

Hassle-Free Cleaning:

Easy to Clean: Users appreciate the Ninja Blast Portable Blender’s straightforward design, which makes it easy to disassemble for cleaning. The blending jar and blades can be separated, allowing for thorough cleaning.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts: The blending jar and lid are dishwasher-safe, offering added convenience for users who prefer a hands-off cleaning approach. This feature simplifies maintenance and ensures the blender remains hygienic.

Self-Cleaning Function:

Quick Clean Option:

Effortless Maintenance: The blender also features a self-cleaning mode. By adding water and a drop of dish soap to the blender and running it for a few seconds, users can quickly and easily clean the blades and jar. This function is particularly useful for on-the-go cleaning.


How Convenient Is the Ninja Blast Portable Blender for Travel?

A key aspect of any portable blender is its ease of transport and suitability for use outside the home.

Compact Size:


Easy to Carry: The Ninja Blast Portable Blender’s compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel. It easily fits into most bags, backpacks, or even large purses, allowing users to take it anywhere.

Convenient Lid: The blender comes with a travel-friendly lid that turns the blending jar into a portable cup, minimizing the need for extra drinkware. This lid is spill-proof, making it suitable for use in various environments, including the gym, office, or outdoor activities.

Battery Indicator:

Stay Informed:

Charging Awareness: The Ninja Blast Portable Blender features a battery indicator light that lets users know when it’s time to recharge. This practical feature helps prevent unexpected power failures during use and ensures the blender is ready when needed.

User Feedback:

What Do Consumers Say About the Ninja Blast Portable Blender?

User feedback provides valuable insights into the real-world performance and satisfaction with the product.

Positive Reviews:

High Satisfaction:

Common Praise: Many users have expressed high satisfaction with the Ninja Blast Portable Blender, highlighting its powerful blending capabilities, ease of use, and durability. Positive reviews frequently mention the convenience of its portable design and long battery life.

Versatile Applications: Users appreciate the blender’s versatility, noting that it is suitable for making smoothies, protein shakes, baby food, and more. The ability to handle a range of ingredients is a key point of praise.

Constructive Criticism:

Areas for Improvement:

Common Complaints: While the overall feedback is positive, some users have identified areas for improvement. Common complaints include occasional difficulty in blending tougher ingredients thoroughly and the blender’s noise level during operation.

Addressing Issues: To mitigate these issues, users suggest cutting ingredients into smaller pieces before blending and ensuring the blender is well-charged for optimal performance.

ninja blast portable blender


How Does the Ninja Blast Portable Blender Stack Up Against Competitors?

Comparing the Ninja Blast Portable Blender to other popular portable blenders helps assess its value and performance.

BlendJet 2:

Feature Comparison:

Similar Attributes: The BlendJet 2 is another popular portable blender that shares similarities with the Ninja Blast. Both blenders feature powerful motors, USB charging, and compact designs suitable for travel.

Price and Performance: Users often compare the Ninja Blast’s performance favorably to the BlendJet 2, noting that both offer efficient blending capabilities. Price points vary, with the Ninja Blast often being more competitively priced, providing better value for money.

NutriBullet GO:


Portability and Power: The NutriBullet GO is known for its portability and ease of use, much like the Ninja Blast. However, users tend to favor the Ninja Blast for its slightly more robust blending performance and longer battery life.

User Preference: While both blenders have their fans, the Ninja Blast typically receives higher marks for its overall balance of power, portability, and price.

ninja blast portable blender

Pros and Cons:

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Ninja Blast Portable Blender?

Summarizing the pros and cons helps potential buyers make an informed decision.


Key Benefits:

Portability: The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, ideal for travel and on-the-go use.

Blending Power: Despite its size, it has a powerful motor that can handle a variety of ingredients, including ice.

User-Friendly: The simple one-touch operation and self-cleaning function add to its user-friendliness.

Durable Construction: High-quality materials ensure durability, and the stainless steel blades are designed for long-term use.


Potential Drawbacks:

Noise Level: Some users find the blender to be quite noisy, which can be disruptive in quiet environments.

Blending Tough Ingredients: There may be occasional challenges in blending tougher ingredients thoroughly, requiring pre-cutting or additional blending time.

Price Consideration: While competitively priced, it may still be considered relatively expensive compared to some other basic portable blenders.


The Ninja Blast Portable Blender offers a blend of convenience, power, and portability, making it an excellent choice for those who need a reliable blending solution on the go. With strong user reviews backing its performance and a range of useful features such as USB charging and self-cleaning, it stands out in the crowded market of portable blenders. Despite minor drawbacks like noise level and occasional blending challenges, its overall value, ease of use, and robust construction make it a worthy investment for smoothie and shake enthusiasts. Whether you’re headed to the gym, office, or on a weekend getaway, this portable blender delivers efficiency and convenience, ensuring you always have access to nutritious, blended drinks.